Decarbonization is an unprecedented economic opportunity for poorer countries — Rethink Disruption

Technology Disruption as a Solution to Climate Change

At RethinkX we have written extensively about the three major disruptions in the energy, transportation, and food sectors that will occur over the course of the 2020s, with profound implications to all aspects of life, all around the world.

The Nature of the Disruptions

These disruptions will not just solve climate change by decarbonizing nearly every sub-sector of the economy quickly and cheaply. They will enable a fundamental transformation, a paradigm shift, in the way goods are produced across the whole production system.

New Leadership

A region, country, or city’s success when it comes to reaping the rewards of the disruptions is a direct result of the choices they make to accelerate them or slow them down. This means that there will be leaders and winners, and of course followers and laggards.

New Models

The three sector disruptions will enable a vast possibility space for new products, services, and businesses. This is a phase change in production, and it upends the traditional notion of development involving poorer countries playing catch up with Western ideas of modernism. Instead, the disruptions will unleash new models of what progress can look like which are entirely distinctive from the age of extraction.

Climate Change Mitigation is an Opportunity Not to Be Wasted

Ultimately, the regions, nations, communities, cities, businesses, and investors that choose to embrace and lead the disruptions rather than resist them will reap enormous economic and social rewards as well as environmental benefits. The entire economic and geopolitical landspace is about to be transformed based on the decisions made today.



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RethinkX, disruptive technology think tank

RethinkX, disruptive technology think tank

RethinkX is an independent think tank that analyzes and forecasts the speed and scale of technology-driven disruption and its implications across society.