How Synthetic Industries Replaced Natural Sources and Transformed the World (The Pattern of Disruption, Part 3) — Rethink Disruption

Flight — from mythology to reality

Today’s food disruption was anticipated over a century ago

Professor Marcellin Berthelot, as depicted in McClure’s Magazine, September 1894

Color revolutions and the transformation of textile industries

Why do smart people in smart organizations fail to anticipate disruption?

The rubber revolution

“One can foresee the disappearance of the beasts from our fields, because horses no longer be used for traction or cattle for food. The countless acres now given over to growing grain and producing vines will be agricultural antiquities, which will have passed out of the memory of men… The air will be filled with aërial motors flying by forces borrowed from chemistry. Distances will diminish, and the distinction between fertile and non-fertile regions, from the causes named, will largely have passed away.”



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