Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could spark global food riots — the solution is precision fermentation

A new era of unrest

In addition to being the world’s top oil and gas exporter, Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter, and Ukraine the fifth. Together Russia and Ukraine account for some 30% of the world’s traded wheat. But they are also major suppliers of other crops as well as fertilizer — including 53% of the global trade in sunflower and seeds.

The role of disruption

The Russia-Ukraine conflict brings home how tightly interconnected our social, geopolitical, economic, energy and food systems really are. But the role of technology disruption in this process is rarely understood. This also means that both the systemic drivers and systemic solutions to the crisis are largely overlooked.

The vicious cycle of incumbent decline

This feedback loop of decline is a familiar story when it comes to disruption.

Source: RethinkX Report, Rethinking Climate Change (2021)

Collapse or transformation?

Our research shows that SWB in energy, EVs, A-EVs and transport-as-a-service (Taas) in transport, as well as precision fermentation and cellular agriculture (PFCA) in food, are on track to become, overall, ten times cheaper than incumbent energy, transport and food industries over the next two decades.

The PF solution

For countries facing the brunt of the energy, transport and food crises that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is escalating, the disruptions therefore offer real-world practical solutions: the possibility of energy abundance and resilience, a clean and safe transport infrastructure, and nutritious and tasty food, all being produced locally and cheaply using the most advanced technologies available, providing far more skilled jobs and opportunities than ever before.



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RethinkX, disruptive technology think tank

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